Can You Read Your Body Like a Map?

Can you read your mind like a map?

          What if I told you there is a master key ring especially made for unlocking your own health, well-being, and joy? There is. And it’s there for anyone to use. We just have to claim it.

          I’m talking about moving beyond day to day survival into a new vision of your life – one that you create with awareness. We’ve all at one time or another asked, “Is this all there is?” Sometimes there are roadblocks or repeating patterns in life that don’t help us reach our best experience of life.

          The master keys do exist to overcome those roadblocks and create a real change in your life, whether you’re looking for big shifts or incremental ones, to your health, your relationships, your personal or professional success, if you’re ready to experience your best version of life, this information is for you.

          Don’t worry. All you need is an interest and an openness to some new and even some old ideas that when put together have the potential to unleash the joyous potential that is within you.

         After years of study, I have assembled a body of knowledge combining biology and psychology (and more) which finds a way to unlock a great mystery to many and it even includes an accurate map to follow — I knew right away this was for me — and now I am dedicated to sharing these important ideas and tools with you in the Master Key Method, The Joy Dimension, and Biological Decoding.

          What I love about this bio psychological system that re-unites mind-body is that it is self-consistent and follows exacting biological logic to uncover emotions that have been buried and locked away out of sight out of mind – so to speak. All this to keep you alive and surviving.

          Once you understand the basics of how your body, brain and mind work together to keep you alive, you can begin to be in charge of your destiny, health and well-being. You can become more conscious of your decisions so you are no longer ruled by compulsions or automatic behaviors and unknown motives and emotions.

          The system in a nutshell is based in your biology – your body, brain, mind and spirit. Your brain is in charge of this task of keeping you alive. Not only does your brain have the purpose of keeping you alive, but also prioritizes your family, and your species.

          Logically, the brain as an organ can only take action within the confines of your body. And, remember, all experience happens and is interpreted within you by virtue of your senses and brain that gather and store information.

          This survival response your brain creates can create a divide between the mind-body. Have you heard people ask “why is my body betraying me like this?” Or, a person who can’t sleep due to their thoughts and fears of not feeling safe even after the actual event that created this has passed? In this disconnect our minds can perpetuate feelings of being at odds with our body and our body can feel attacked by our mind. The latest neurological research is showing how important it is to have the brain and body connect in alignment which can be achieved through various cognitive and somatic tools that you can learn.

          You may have heard the phrase “fight or flight” this behavior controlled by your nervous system and appears when we are under stress – real or imagined. The brain will translate the stressful experience to the language of the body. You can learn this language of the body and with additional resources and tools, you can not only under stand the “why” and take action by making changes to your perspectives to help you live the life you know is possible.