What is a Decoding Session?

What is a Decoding Session?

(Warning there is PG-13 content and perhaps TMI for some folks in this article.)

          I have experienced the benefits of working with trapped emotions first hand through Biological and Dental Decoding and Bio-reprogramming on many occasions. I’d like to share my very first experience with having a PMS issue decoded.

          The first class I attended in this type of work was in 2014. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through it. I was so eager to learn but as fate would have it I had started my period just as class began. This time of the month had been getting increasingly difficult for me over the years. I had done a lot of things to make it better – what helped the most was watching my diet and not eating things that created inflammation for me.

          This helped, but the pain was still quite bad for about 2 days out of every month – enough to keep me from going anywhere during that time. I could be dramatic here and note that for several hours of this 48 I would be writhing on the floor of the bathroom in pain – often vomiting even water).  This really made travel and planning events difficult on so many levels.

          So – back to class – I’m worrying how I am going to sit through the day for 8 hours and learn what I had been eagerly awaiting to learn – while in pain. Pain relievers didn’t seem to help much and I wasn’t willing to take the strong prescriptions ones – which would likely just knock me out.  The day after I started – it just so happened that we went over PMS in the course. Just hearing what the emotional experience was stuck in my uterus was enough to trigger a memory from my subconscious. I remember sitting in our Yellow Suburu station wagon and Mom was explaining how she and Dad wanted 3 kids and they had names picked out (Granville the 3rd, Charles, and William David). Aha! A total flash of insight. I had the felt sense that they wanted 3 boys and they got a boy and a girl.

          This is a conflict of painful periods – one or both parents wanted a boy – and sometimes it is subconscious for them. Did my parents love me absolutely! I had never consciously realized that one or both of my parents wanted a boy until that moment.

          Did they adore me, love and nurture me, yes. Another piece of the puzzle was that my Mother also had this issue, and I am pretty sure one or both of her parents wanted a boy, and had actually lost two boys — one before and one after my mom was born.

          Some girls grow up knowing their father or mother wanted a boy because it is talked about – even then, the girl may have this painful PMS issue. Sometimes, girls are given a traditionally more masculine name which can be  a clue to the desire for a boy.

          The moment I recalled the conversation in class, in a flash the pain went away and never came back. Sometimes, just the awareness is enough to clear an bio-emotional issue. More often though, there is a need to convince the brain that you are done with that issue through a change in perspective or action.

          This was more of an example of decoding that happens in a group once a conflict is revealed. Personal sessions are a little more detailed and follow a process.

          People who are interested in a decoding or psycho-emotional type of session are often curious about how it works and what it is like. The ones I am most familiar with are decoding (biological and dental), positive psychology, and bio-reprogramming. I have participated in sessions of other kinds such as EMDR, Brainspotting, Family Constellation work, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Psych-K, Emotional Freedom Technique, and others.  Most coaches, practitioners and therapists that I know that use these methods will ask you to complete a form about your history, any diseases, traumas, unusual events or conflicts.

          If requested, knowing the timing of major events in your life is helpful – so it is good to gather your information as accurately as is possible. Some will even ask for genealogical information to the degree you have it.

          During or before the first session, most practitioners or coaches like for clients to identify something specific in their life to change. It may be a behavior, a pattern, or a pain, dis-ease or symptom that they wish to address. In my experience, most come to  practitioner (or classes) with a list and it is best to choose your top 2 or 3 issues to begin – even though we often work on 1 at a time.

          Decoding uses a very precise logic based on the biological tissue involved in what you want to decode so it is helpful if you have an actual diagnosis from a health care professional to narrow the field of inquiry and make the process more efficient. Often a well-defined issue can be dealt with in 1 to 3 sessions – although this is individual and can vary.

          A practitioner will often look at your life events (particularly those things that had an emotional impact on you) development, and your parents lives when you were little – if you have access to that information. The story around your birth – can also be quite informative for decoders  – the beauty of this work is that it draws from a variety of information and there are always ways to get to the biological meaning of a symptom or pattern to release it. Sometimes the issue isn’t even yours — but came down through your ancestry or parents.

          These biological meanings are often about conflicts, hidden emotions, family secrets or words that were left unsaid in a moment of isolation. A word left unsaid can become a disease in the body if the issue is not resolved or practically or re-visioned to a new perspective.

          In sessions, practitioners look for patterns and events that have created a biological solution that is stuck and has outlived its usefulness and teach tools and give resources to transform the clients perspective – which is often living in the subconscious mind. Tools and resources are individualized and based on the client’s needs and readiness to change as well as the biological issue being addressed.

          Each conflict that is transformed opens up the locked up areas in the body and create more available energy for life and well-being.  People often notice greater clarity and more brain power when a conflict is resolved and the body has finished its repair. This is a conscious evolution toward true freedom and well-being that is rooted in your biology.

          There are many ways you can shift your mind-body to create balance and well-being that work complementary with allopathic medicine and each other. The experience I have described above was through Biological Decoding during a course. Here is a list of modalities that coaches and practitioners that work in these complementary ways will use to support you in your goals:

  • Dental Decoding 
  • Biological Decoding 
  • BioReprogramming 
  • Brainspotting
  • EMDR
  • Somatic therapy
  • Family Constellations
  • Psychogenealogy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • PsychK
  • Master Key Method for Mind Body and Spirit

          Many of these modalities and techniques can be learned through online and in person courses or you may prefer a session with someone trained in one or more of these modalities.

          This is just a short list of possibilities that are out there as a resource for health and transformation. You can discover the ones that resonate with you by working with a practitioner, reading about them or taking an intro course.

          One key to shifting your perspective and expanding your awareness may start with moving from understanding the “why” to the action of “how” can I make a difference in my life. Something I will speak to in more depth in a future article.